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Maria-Therese is an incredible soul/R&B artist from Toronto, Canada and her recent single 'See Me' is now released as part of 22 IMPACT x FTE Entertainment

22 IMPACT covers public relations, social strategy and marketing for Maria and her team.

"I spent a big chunk of my life wanting and needing to be seen in the city as a form of validation. I guess that kind of comes with trying to make music in the city of Toronto.I came to terms with the fact that i’m spending so much energy trying to make others notice me, that I couldn’t even notice myself. This song is a letter to me , reminding that i’m doing my best even if I don’t get the likes and shares that I want .  when it comes down to it, you really got to be happy with the work you create and the people you do it with to, the best work comes from that" - MARIA ON WHY SHE WROTE SEE ME

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