Flo Guan in collaboration with Koi Footwear

Flo is not only an incredible content creator in terms of quality but also in terms of her ability to style clothing and accessories in a way that goes completely against the 'norm' and continues to wow her followers with a variety of colours and settings.

She has been working with Koi Footwear for the past year over 5 collaborations thus far with an extremely exciting new chapter to come in 2023 to further our relationship with the Manchester based brand.

"We are the cool vegan unisex footwear brand you’ve been looking for. We're that friend that hypes you up and tells you can wear whatever the fuck you want. It's YOUR life, and you are 100% the main character, you might as well dress like it." - KOI STATEMENT

Koi reported an 8% increase in sales primarily from Flo's promo code

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