CEO Update for July 2022

We are so excited to have some announcements and updates that have happened within the company over the past couple of months that add to the ever-growing agency and push us further in the right direction that we are heading.

- We have hired 2 new talent managers Maryam + Scott who will be assisting in bringing on new key talent and working with existing/new clients for our talent aswell as educating and working with all talent on strategy.

- We have hired 2 new model bookers Rachael + Jimmy who will primarily focus on gaining jobs for our models aswell as educating, attending key events and scouting for new models to bring to our boards.

- We have hired a new head of USA co-ordinator Imani. She will be heading our entire USA talent division and primarily bringing on new talent that she thinks will fit in the company alongside working with new and existing clients in America. This is part of our long-term strategy to develop the global connections we have and be a pinnacle agency in multiple territories.

- A new assistant to CEO Freedom Doran, Jack, will be joining the team to help with day-to-day operations


- One of our models Luissa recently shot a campaign for the prestigious Chival drinks brand alongside well-known drag queens and we can't wait for that to come out

- Flo + Suh shot a music video for French The Kid which is due to be released very shortly!

- Carlos is now working with the elite private jet company Aero in a multiple deal contract and also became an ambassador for Psycho Bunny

- Melissa shot a campaign for All Bar One which is releasing shortly

- Azra shot a campaign for UK footwear brand Mallet London as part of their summer collection which will be released in stores & digitally within the coming weeks


- We have signed Pierre Laurent a pinnacle content creator from Germany who is an inspiration to many for his incredible styling and content quality so we are excited to see where that leads us

- Emerging model Mia has joined our New Faces board so we can't wait to see the progress and jobs that she is able to work on


We recently had a re-branding and let go of talent that wasn't right for the agency, we are now fully committed to only working with models and talent that are able to produce high quality content that is on time and within briefs so that we are never letting clients down.

This has also meant that our on-boarding and internal requirements have changed for those who we bring on and the standards are a lot higher across multiple areas.

Will see you in the August update.

Freedom Doran

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