Top Talent for August 2022

As 22 IMPACT manages over 30 exclusive talent with more to come and we like to highlight our top creators for the month that we think deserve the recognition wether it be down to their content quality, their dedication to their followers/growth or their all-round attitude and performance within the last month.

We hope that this can give you some insight and introduce you to some of our talent if you aren't already familiar.

Maria is our only musician that we manage and she has recently performed her show which was sold out, aswell as releasing her EP - For The Soul. She recently was featured on BBC Future Soul with Victoria Jane which has had previous guests such as Normani. 

We are so proud to represent Maria and know that this is the start of something beautiful and so for all her incredible work over the past month she is well deserving of a spot on this months top talent.

Pierre has recently joined the agency however he has made a comeback after a 6 month Instagram break and his content quality has not failed nor did it in the past. He has shown exceptional understanding of his strategy moving forward and is proactively leaning into mastering video content and expanding his scope beyond Instagram.


Carlos has been an exceptional content creator in the past month, not only has he been feature in Esquire and multiple other high profile publications. His content quality has been second to none and that shows with his partnerships ranging from Aero Private Jets to Psycho Bunny to SEED and many more.

We are excited to expand Carlos' scope of his gentlemens lifestyle and can't wait to share it with you all.

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