Social Changes for June 2022

  • Tiktok Launched it’s first Ad Product “Tiktok Pulse” to share Pure Revenue with Creators. (Like YouTube)
  • Instagram Announced New Feed design with Photos and Videos in a single Tiktok-like feed with 9:16 Photos and Videos
  • Pinterest Secretly launched a Video Streaming App for Video Creators
  • LinkedIn Updates Algorithm to downgrade Engagement-Baiting Posts and Polls
  • Twitter announced an Instagram-like feature called “Twitter Circle” which lets you add up-to 150 people who can see your tweets
  • Facebook shuts down Podcasts and their other Audio Projects
  • Microsoft Advertising is rolling out Auto-generated marketing lists and more updates this month
  • Twitter Expands Tweet Replies Ad placement to All Advertisers
  • Meta Expands Reels Monetisation with Monthly Challenges
  • Google Ads Reporting issues with APIs and Ads scripts
  • Tiktok expanded Testing of “Friends” Tab replacing Discover Tab. An Instagram Recent’s Tab is emerging on Tiktok
  • Meta And Adobe are collaborating for a new Social media marketing training courses
  • Twitter rolls out Spaces Analytics to All Hosts and Co-hosts
  • WhatsApp rolls out emoji reactions, bigger files, massive groups
  • Tiktok published a new guide on collaborating with creators on Ad campaigns
  • Creator-owned Nebula just built its own MasterClass for creators
  • Twitter Expands Test of Tiktok-like display format in its explore tab
  • Google launched a range of courses to help small businesses with marketing and business growth
  • YouTube Go is shutting down in August
  • Google Ads is testing a new help feature named “quick help”
  • Meta Announces New Business Messaging Tools, Including Improved WhatsApp Ad Creation
  • Google’s changing its performance reviews to waste less time
  • YouTube will focus more on In-app Live shopping to get back revenue growth on track
  • Instagram is working on ability to turn on/off remix option on Instagram reels
  • Google is currently working on the ability to Ads Continuous scrolling on Desktop
  • Elon Musk plans on charging big businesses and politicians to use the platform
  • Microsoft Advertising launched 3+ new Ad certification badges to show your qualifications
  • Google Expands on showing more and more viral videos in the Web Stories section of search
  • Instagram adds Emergency Notifications to its app
  • Instagram adds feature to pin feed posts to top of profile

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