Pride 2022: Activations We Love

Pride 2022 has been one of the biggest in history largely due to the pandemic meaning that the LGBTQ+ community are finally able to get back together again and celebrate with brands supporting every step of the way.

Gymshark champions inclusivity in fitness

Gymshark is highlighting the diversity of athletics and the inclusive communities that LGBTQ+ people have found in fitness spaces. From an all-LGBTQ+ production team, the brand is rolling out a series of videos, called “Pride in Progress,” throughout June and beyond showcasing inspirational stories of found family.

The campaign seeks to end the idea that fitness environments are exclusionary and judgemental through the series aimed at younger generations of queer athletes eager to celebrate identity in all facets of their fitness journeys. Teaming with a roster of fitness personalities across a diverse spectrum of identities, the video series tells the stories of LGBTQ+ athletes and how they overcome stigmas around gender and identity.

Dr. Martens amplifies queer voices in first unbranded campaign

Dr. Martens is giving its branding the backseat for Pride in a campaign that amplifies the voices of LGBTQ+ activists and prominent figures. Directed by Prettybird filmmaker Jess Kohl, the “Pride Generations” video series features U.K. Black Pride Co-Founder Lady Phyll, London Trans+ Pride Founder Lucia Blayke, Kia, the ex-mother of the House of LaBaija, and Lee Soulja, father of the House of Soulja.

The video featuring the latter two is a serene and moving conversation on the ballroom legends’ journeys with identity and embracing and being embraced by the ballroom community, despite struggles with HIV and discrimination.

Alongside the video series, Dr. Martens has pledged $200,000 to benefit international LGBTQ+ organizations, including the Trevor Project in the U.S., akt in the UK, ReBit in Japan and Black Rainbow in Australia.

Boy Smells reclaims the term ‘fruit’ in a throwback to the Garden of Eden

The fragrance and intimates brand reimagines the legendary site of humanity’s birth as the grounds for exploring one’s identity—with hilarious commentary from “Teen Wolf” star Charlie Carver and viral “Hi, Gay” comedian Megan Stalter. The campaign’s hero spot, called “The Tale of the Forbidden Fruit,” stars Stalter as “Bisexual Eve” and Carver as “Gay Adam” to promote its “Marble Fruit” candle.

The brand reports that the name of the candle is a reclaiming of the derogatory word used against queer people, “fruit,” plus the strength and resilience of marble. The idea of an LGBTQ+ Eden prompts viewers to examine what is truly natural about gender identity—the way one feels inherently or the role they’re told to adhere to. The brand will donate 15% of proceeds from the “Marble Fruit” candle during June and July to GLSEN, with a minimum donation of $50,000.

Miller Lite publishes a history of queer bars

Miller Lite is continuing its “Open & Proud” platform with a book on the history of queer bars. Created with Pulitzer Prize finalist LGBTQ+ historian Dr. Eric Cervini and agency ICF Next, “Beers & Queer History” documents the stories of ten queer bars and their historical significance.

Featuring original illustrations by Miller Lite, the book documents treasured safe spaces, including White Horse Inn in Oakland, California, D.C.’s The Chicken Hut, San Francisco’s Black Cat Cafe, the Stonewall Inn in New York City and more. It also highlights influential LGBTQ+ figures, such as Marsha P. Johnson and Lady Chablis. The campaign will continue Miller Lite’s charitable relationship with the Equality Federation through a $200,000 donation. The brand launched a program last year in partnership with the Equality Federation to offer resources to bars on serving inclusively.

"Miller Lite is one of America's favorite beers, and while our fans can expect us to show up in many different ways throughout the year, our 'Open & Proud' initiative is one that is close to our hearts," said Sofia Colucci, VP of marketing at Miller Family of Brands, in a statement. "We hope the release of this guidebook and its crucial lessons will inspire people to be more inclusive, to learn and to share their own authentic stories."

Pantene helps create inclusive workspaces

Pantene’s third iteration of “Hair Has No Gender Campaign” features a campaign film highlighting the stories of queer workers—lawyers, models, carpenters, race car drivers and more—and the pride they feel when they’re free to wear their hair according to their identity. Research showed that 53% of LGBTQ+ people feel pressured to disguise their identity in the workplace, according to the Procter & Gamble haircare brand.

Along with the video, Pantene released educational resources on how to create an inclusive workplace, in collaboration with the video’s 12 cast members as well as advocacy groups, including Outleadership and The Dress Code Project.

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