Instagram 101


So the first thing to understand for both models + talent is that your Instagram page is a digital portfolio and direct representation of yourself, 80% of clients will have a look at your socials beforehand to make sure that you are on-brand and won't cause any concern if they choose to employ you.

With that being said we have a series of tips that make your Instagram as professional and forthcoming as possible.


Use a clean name, not coochy3000 or something ridiculous/inappropriate
No X's generally (one at the end is ok but avoid it if you can)
Try not to have an underscore in your username, if you have to try and put it at the end
Make it your name and not a nickname or unrelated

Make your highlight images completely fill the circle and keep the text underneath uniform eg. using all emojis, all uppercase, all lowercase etc - mixing up is still fine to show personality as well just keep it on-brand.

Keep your feed to images that are professional or related to what you do on a day-to-day

Don't have images of you at strip clubs, smoking weed, doing drugs, using bad language etc - for any less appropriate images we suggest you create a 'close friends' story or a private spam account

If you are creating a spam account remember DON'T USE YOUR FULL NAME as a spam name and make sure to keep it private.

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